ACO Wildlife has been installed in many different countries. Some of these installations are as old as 25 years and the product is still in working condition allowing safe animal crossing.

  • Santa Cruz, CA

    Executive Housing Development

    Santa Cruz, CA

    To get permission to build an exclusive housing development in the hills above Santa Cruz, California, the developers had to build a series of Amphibian tunnel and fence systems to allow the Santa Cruz long toed Salamander to migrate across the development to their breeding ponds.


    A number of tunnel systems were built into the road complex around the development to allow the Salamanders safe passage. Local Conservation experts advised Granite Construction for locations of both the ACO Wildlife AT200 (8 inch wide) tunnel and the AT500 (18 inch wide) tunnels.


    ACO Wildlife recycled plastic, tunnel entrance and fence systems were used to guide the Salamanders into the tunnels.



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