ACO Wildlife


Guidance Fence

Wildlife Fence

Designed for either use on its own to contain animals within a specified area, or in conjunction with the tunnel and entrance to guide animals into the tunnel and provide a safe migratory route.

ACO Wildlife Fence Panel

Features and Benefits

  • Curved fence shape – the curved fence shape of the fence helps prevent animals from climbing over the protected side while allowing animals to climb from the road and drop to safety. The curved shape also offers protection from natural predators and strong sunlight.
  • Fence panels manufactured from recycled plastic for lightweight shipping and easy installation. Profiled ribs ensure maximum strength to weight ratios.
  • Posts support the open side of the fence to ensure the integrity of shape and prevent the system from collapsing.
  • Nails hold the base securely in the ground. Backfilling with dirt prevents animals from digging under the fence.
ACO Wildlife Fence Specifications