ACO Wildlife


Case Studies

Copperwood Schoolyard Habitat for Environmental Education 

Glendale, AZ

ACO, Inc. donated custom polymer concrete wildlife fencing and a custom fiberglass tortoise burrow to the Copperwood Schoolyard Habitat for Environmental Education Project. The site includes and existing schoolyard habitat with native plants and a small pond.

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Custom ACO Wildlife Tortoise Burrow Installation
ACO Wildlife Tunnels, Waterton

Waterton Lakes National Park

Calgary, AB

Conservation specialists working at the Waterton Lakes National Park in Calgary discovered that the roadways were a hazard to the endangered salamanders. The salamanders migratory paths crossed the roadways and during migration, many were killed as they crossed the roadways. They needed a tunnel system to provide safe passage for the salamanders.

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Executive Housing Development

Santa Cruz, CA

In order to get permission to build an exclusive housing development in the hills above Santa Cruz, California, the developers were tasked with building a series of amphibian tunnel and fence systems to allow the Santa Cruz Long Toes Salamander to migrate across the development to their breeding grounds.

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ACO Wildlife Tunnel, Housing Development, Santa Cruz, CA